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Ages 3+

Indigenous Inclusive Education’s 3-lb Weighted Bears are very comfy to hold and play with. Provides a slight pressure on the body when cuddling, hugging, or holding. Weighted therapy provides near-instant comfort and relief from stress and anxiety. This is a must-have product for your Special Needs and Inclusive Education Program and all classrooms.

More than just a teddy bear, the Blue Weighted Bear is one of many sensory toys for autism that we have available in our Indigenous Inclusive Education store. It can support weighted therapy to reduce anxiety or be used as one tool in your toolbox of therapeutic supplies.

The Blue Weighted Bear is an excellent must-have weighted therapy product for kids, families, and organizations providing family and child-centred services in education, health care and more. 

Commitment to Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle ensures equality, support, and access to essential resources for Indigenous children in Canada. Named after Jordan River Anderson, who tragically lost his life over healthcare jurisdictional disputes, this principle stands as a beacon of hope and commitment to the overall well-being of Indigenous children because every child matters. Our Blue Bear is a symbol supporting Jordan's Principle 

We actively work with Indigenous, Inuit and First Nations communities, healthcare providers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to advocate for the rights and well-being of Indigenous children. Through your support, we can spread awareness about Jordan's Principle.