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Welcome to Indigenous
Inclusive Education

Indigenous Inclusive Education is a 100% First Nations-owned business. Our online Indigenous shop carries high-quality toys and supportive resources for kids and families.
Our wholesale clients include brick-and-mortar retailers, first-nation band councils, private & public school boards, and other organizations that provide family and child-centred services in education, health care, and more. 
Indigenous Inclusive Education is owned and operated by a family of teachers with years of experience teaching in First Nations and public schools. The shared experiences of our team give us a unique understanding of the demand for Indigenous Education-centred resources and materials.

Our Values

All Children Have Gifts

All of our Learners deserve to be included. All children have gifts, and we recognize those gifts.
That's why our store is complete with products and resources that honour the learning needs of all children,
including for autism and ADHD.

Every Child Matters 

We believe that every child matters, regardless of their background or abilities. 
Our store and our focus support this belief in every single way. 

Inclusive Achievement 

No matter what children are going through, how they learn, or what they need, 
Indigenous Inclusive Education aims to provide the latest toys and resources to help them succeed. 

Our Mission

Indigenous Inclusive Education aims to support the well-being of all children and their communities. From developing toys for play therapy to offering unique sensory toys you can't find anywhere else, we aim to deliver on our mission by providing therapeutic games and supplies you can trust. 

An Investment That Makes A Difference

When you shop with us, you support an initiative to help our children thrive. Our inventory includes products that increase concentration, reduce stress, and encourage achievement. Whether you're searching for sensory toys for autism, the perfect squishy ball, a stress ball, or fidget toys to reduce excess energy, you'll find what you need with us. We even have weighted therapy products that bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Join Us In Supporting
the Next Seven Generations

Gift an Orange Weighted Bear or a Blue Weighted Bear toy to help our children recognize every child matters.