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A calming and soothing sensory sock for children that allows for dynamic movement. Does not restrict movement. A useful tool for improving spatial awareness.

Size: Small: 40” x 27’’


Calm the chaos with the Sensory Sock - a dynamic sock that provides soothing compression without restricting movement.

  • Breathable, lightweight material allows full range of motion
  • Unique textured interior for sensory stimulation
  • Gentle all-over compression helps kids feel centered and focused
  • Great for active play, therapy, and everyday wear

The Sensory Sock surrounds kids in a gentle, hugging embrace thanks to its innovative stretchy design. This allows for dynamic movement and spatial awareness development as kids play. The textured interior provides sensory input that helps stimulate the proprioceptive system for better body awareness and motor control.

Give your child the benefits of deep pressure stimulation without sacrificing an ounce of playtime. The Sensory Sock helps kids feel grounded and regulated while allowing freedom of movement. A must-have tool for improved focus, calming, and active sensory input.

The Benefits of Sensory Socks

Sensory socks, also known as compression or proprioceptive socks, provide children with a soothing and calming effect. The socks apply gentle pressure to the body, promoting body awareness and improving sensory processing. They are designed to stimulate proprioception, the sense that allows us to perceive our body's position and movement. 

For kids with autism, sensory socks can help regulate their sensory input, reducing anxiety and promoting focus. The snug fit of the socks gives a feeling of security and comfort, which can be especially beneficial during challenging situations. 

In addition to the therapeutic benefits, sensory socks also provide a fun and engaging sensory experience for children. 

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