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A calming and soothing sensory sock for children that allows for dynamic movement. Does not restrict movement. A useful tool for improving spatial awareness.

Size: Large: 56” x 28’’


Engage your child's senses and improve spatial awareness with the Sensory Sock - a calming compression sock that allows dynamic movement.

  • All-over gentle compression helps kids feel centered and calm
  • Great for playtime, therapy, and self-regulation

The Sensory Sock surrounds kids in a hugging embrace thanks to its soft, stretchy design, providing the benefits of deep pressure stimulation. The textured interior gently stimulates the proprioceptive system for better body awareness and motor control.

Kids stay focused and grounded while enjoying active play and movement. The Sensory Sock regulates the senses so children feel calmer and more centered. An essential tool for improving spatial awareness and soothing sensory chaos. Give the gift of comfort and movement with the Sensory Sock today.

The Benefits of Sensory Socks

Sensory socks help regulate the sensory input that children with autism receive, allowing them to better process and respond to their environment. The gentle pressure applied by the socks provides a "grounding" effect, helping to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of security.

Many children with autism struggle with body awareness, not fully understanding where their bodies are in space. Sensory socks provide proprioceptive input, which enhances body awareness and improves spatial perception.

By wearing sensory socks, children can gain a better understanding of their body's position and movement. This increased body awareness can have a positive impact on their motor skills, coordination, focus, and overall self-confidence.

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