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Ages 3+

Indigenous Inclusive Education’s 3-lb Weighted Bears are very comfy to hold and play with. Provides a slight pressure on the body when cuddling, hugging, or holding. This gentle pressure technique provides relief from anxiety, stress, or discomfort. This is a must-have product for your Special Needs and Inclusive Education Program and all classrooms. 

Every Child Matters

Our Orange Weighted Bear is a symbol in support of Every Child Matters. Show your support that Every Child Matters by ordering the Orange Weighted Bear for your classroom or your child today. 

The Value of Weighted Therapy

Imagine giving a child a gift that instantly calms their nervous system, resets their emotions, and that's good for their mind. Weighted therapy is based on research that suggests pressure is the key to near-instant relaxation. 

Our Orange Weighted Bear is built on the principles of weighted therapy. Known to promote restfulness, improve focus, and enhance the development of both fine and gross motor skills, this is more than just one of a list of mental health toys—it's mental comfort!