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Ages 3+

This funny-looking toy is designed to increase children’s grip and pull strength, while keeping them entertained. Have fun pulling and twisting the multiple rubber strings back and forth!

8” x 4.75”


Funny-looking and fascinatingly fun, The Thingy Pull & Grip Toy is the perfect plaything to strengthen little hands. With its crazy, twisting rubber strings, this unique toy will have kids giggling as they improve their grip and pull skills.

  • Multi-string design provides various textures and resistance levels
  • Bright colors and silly shapes engage and entertain
  • Strengthens hands, fingers and forearms through pulling and twisting
  • Improves dexterity and coordination

The Thingy Pull & Grip Toy is expertly designed to disguise exercise as play. Kids will be having so much fun pulling, twisting and manipulating the strings, they won't even realize they're building hand, finger and arm strength! Whether it's a gift for your own child or a friend's, this toy transforms a key developmental activity into delightful playtime.

With its ability to occupy busy hands and curious minds, The Thingy Pull & Grip Toy is the perfect choice for active kids.