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Ages 3+

A beautiful pair of durable chew necklaces to help children focus and concentrate. 100% Safe Material.

Pendant: 2.4"L x 1.8"W


Catch your little one's eye with this stunning 2-Piece Chewable Wolf Paw Necklace - the perfect accessory for focusing their boundless energy. This beautiful necklace features two interchangeable silicone wolf paw charms, providing twice the chewing satisfaction.

  • 100% food-grade silicone - safe for kids to chew and bite
  • Two adorable interchangeable wolf paw charms
  • Helps redirect chewing away from hands and objects
  • Provides sensory input to help kids focus and calm down

Give your child a stylish outlet for their chewing urges. The paw charms are satisfying to bite and chew, providing oral stimulation while preventing damage to hands and belongings. The breakaway clasp ensures safety.

The 2-Piece Chewable Wolf Paw Necklace is an essential sensory tool for children who need to chew or fidget. Provide a safe, cute chewelry option that will capture their attention and help them concentrate in class, at home, or on the go.

The Benefits of Chewelry

For children with autism, finding effective tools to manage sensory needs can be challenging. That's where chewelry comes in. Chewelry, a combination of "chew" and "jewelry," provides a safe and discreet way for children to satisfy their oral sensory needs.  

One of the primary benefits of chewelry is its ability to promote self-regulation. Many children with autism struggle with sensory processing, and chewing on objects can help them calm their nervous system and stay focused. Chewelry provides a socially acceptable way for children to redirect their chewing urges, preventing them from chewing on inappropriate objects or causing harm to themselves. 

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