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Ages 3+

A beautiful pair of durable chew necklaces to help children focus and concentrate. 100% Safe Material.

Pendant: 2.4"L x 1.8"W

The Benefits of Chewelry

For children with autism, finding effective tools to manage sensory needs can be challenging. That's where chewelry comes in. Chewelry, a combination of "chew" and "jewelry," provides a safe and discreet way for children to satisfy their oral sensory needs.  

One of the primary benefits of chewelry is its ability to promote self-regulation. Many children with autism struggle with sensory processing, and chewing on objects can help them calm their nervous system and stay focused. Chewelry provides a socially acceptable way for children to redirect their chewing urges, preventing them from chewing on inappropriate objects or causing harm to themselves. 

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