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Explore our selection of fidget toys, sensory toys, and therapeutic games.

Why Fidget Toys Help 

Each child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is unique. However, sensory toys provide individual sensory input that children with autism crave. From tactile to visual, these sensory toys stimulate play therapy that captures kids' attention quickly and increases focus and concentration.

Some of our most popular sensory toys for autism, ADHD etc. include our squishy ball, stress ball, and a host of sensory toys, including sensory toys for chewing. Whether you're looking for sensory toys for chewing, spinning, or just fidgeting, we have various options in our online shop. 

Who Our Sensory Toys Are Designed For

We take pride in offering sensory toys for kids, families, classrooms, and organizations providing family and child-centred services in education, health care etc. Our wholesale clients include private & public school boards, brick-and-mortar retailers, first-nation band councils, and more. 

Any sensory toy in our store serves an essential purpose, from relaxation to stimulation to improving motor skills. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and their families. Whether you're looking for therapist supplies or something to calm your child at dinner time, we have what you need. 

Embrace The Joy Of Fidgeting!

Join us in making the world more inclusive by shopping our store for high-quality therapeutic games and sensory toys for autism. Help children discover new sensations and comforting tactile experiences with every purchase.