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Sensory Floor Tile

Introducing our Sensory Floor Tiles, a captivating addition to any sensory room or inclusive learning environment. These 50x50cm (20"x20"inches) tiles are designed to engage and stimulate users through interactive play and exploration. As you step on or press them with your hands, the colored liquid inside the tiles flows and shifts, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that encourages movement and sensory engagement


Pack of 4 tiles


PLEASE NOTE: This product was incorrectly listed as $129.95 per set in our 2024 catalogue, however the product is in fact $149.95. We apologize for this error and inconvenience. The website price will be taken as correct for any and all disputes. 


Mesmerize and delight with flowing colors and textures! Our 4 Pack Sensory Floor Tiles create an immersive sensory experience through interactive play and exploration.

  • Liquid inside shifts and flows when stepped on
  • Visual effect engages senses and promotes movement
  • Perfect addition to sensory rooms and classrooms
  • Set of 4 durable 20”x20” tiles

Watch in fascination as these stunning tiles come to life with each step or touch. The liquid inside flows and changes shape, sparking curiosity and engaging the senses. Kids and adults will be transfixed by the colourful display that encourages movement and sensory stimulation.

Give the gift of sensory play and exploration! With their flowing colours and hypnotizing textures, our Sensory Floor Tiles turn any room into a magical sensory landscape. They capture attention, inspire movement, and provide an outlet for sensory input in children and adults with autism or sensory processing disorders.