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Ages 3+

A fantastic set of safe and durable Chewelry. Physical action, like chewing, can help children focus, concentrate, and improve attention.

Bracelet: 3” diameter x 0.5”

Pendant: 2.6"L x 0.8"W

This 4-piece set includes 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces!

The Benefits of Chewelry

Chewelry, a combination of "chew" and "jewelry," is a specialized tool designed to meet the oral sensory needs of children with autism. It provides a safe and discreet way for children to satisfy their chewing urges, promoting self-regulation and preventing them from engaging in harmful behaviors. 

Chewelry serves as a sensory tool that helps children with autism manage their sensory processing challenges. Many children with autism struggle with sensory overload, and chewing on objects can help them calm their nervous system and stay focused. The act of chewing provides deep pressure and proprioceptive input, which can have a calming effect on the child's nervous system. By incorporating chewelry into their daily routine, children can receive the sensory input they need to feel more grounded and regulated.

Chewelry is also a discreet option for children to use at home or in public settings. Unlike traditional chew toys, chewelry is designed to look like a fashionable accessory, such as a necklace or bracelet. This allows children to wear their chewelry without drawing attention to their sensory needs. By providing a socially acceptable way for children to redirect their chewing urges, chewelry helps them avoid chewing on inappropriate objects or causing harm to themselves.

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